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Maestro Sebastian Arrua teaching at BA. Tango Evolution

Tango Training

Our Programs:

Tango Essence

Our signature program, we focus on essential tango technique, concepts and improvisation - an immersive course to experience tango in Buenos Aires. The classes and prácticas taken with professional dance instructors, who are able to reflect and refine the most subtle aspects of the dance, are the heart of the program. Suitable for new and experienced dancers alike, as classes are small and tailored to each participant’s needs.

BA. Tango Evolution Práctica Argentine Tango in  Buenos Aires

BA. Tango Evolution Práctica

Tango, Vals & Milonga 

A rare chance to focus on vals & milonga, and the comparison with tango. The daily labs will cover an essential element of tango, vals or milonga technique, which will be built upon during the classes with the professional dance instructors. During the prácticas, we will play tandas of vals and milonga as well as tango. Open to all levels, recommended to dancers attending the Tango Essence course as well, and to challenge experienced dancers.

Musicality & Connection (not offered in 2025)

This program will go in depth into the embrace, musical elements, and technique to dance different orchestras, as well as some focused work on vals and milonga. New elements will be introduced in the daily tango labs and then built upon and developed during the classes and prácticas with the professional dancers. Recommended for more experienced dancers and dancers attending Tango Essence course.


We are passionate about tango. We love the dance, the music, and most of all the feeling it inspires inside of us. As creators of BA. Tango Evolution, we believe that teaching tango is more than teaching technique. It is imparting a way of being and of relating to the experience of tango. This experience can be intense, and at times overwhelming. Therefore we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment for participants to grow and deepen as tango dancers.

Sebastian Arrua Argentine Tango

Tango Lab


After technique lab and class, you’re ready to dance with the pros! During the prácticas, participants rotate through all of the dance instructors, practicing what they've learned and receiving individual feedback on their dance. Each participant works on what they need to and at their own pace, asking questions, trying out different techniques, or simply being swept away dancing. 


After the tango lab, participants are joined by our talented professional dancers who partner with participants during the class and práctica. The classes put the techniques and concepts from the lab into practice and allow each participant to explore those elements fully, given their level and experience. Classes will be taught by Sebastian Arrua along with our experienced team of dance instructors.

Tango Lab

Sebastian Arrua leads the daily tango labs, which explore an essential element or concept of the dance through explanation, simple solo exercises and drills. Participants will have the opportunity to clarify and strengthen aspects of technique in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Improve like a professional dancer! Having a focused training program and dancing with other pros is what creates world class dancers. Be a part of that training: during BA. Tango Evolution, you will take all of our classes and guided prácticas with professional partners, who are ready to assist you with every step of the process.

Components of BA. Tango Evolution:

Sebasian Arrua, Argentine tango dancer and teacher

Sebastian Arrua, Argentine tango dancer & teacher

Maestro Sebastian Arrua 

Sebastian is the main teacher for BA. Tango Evolution. His classes focus on the underlying concepts of tango dancing, and he breaks down the technique accordingly, offering progressions accessible to students with different levels of experience. Sebastian is a master technician, and also has a deep understanding of the musical, emotional, and cultural aspects of tango as they relate to the learning process. Read more about Sebastian.

Professional Dance Instructors

BA. Tango Evolution is unique in its focus on training with professional partners, as it allows a focused and supportive environment for you to grow as a dancer. Dancing the classes and prácticas with professionals is a very distinctive experience. Each assistant dancer is different, and offers a unique perspective and an opportunity for integration and improvement. Through dancing with and receiving gradual feedback from each of the professionals, participant dancers explore possibilities with different styles, techniques, and ultimately make choices about how to integrate those pieces into their own dancing. Each year we’ve seen remarkable progress through this training in a short period of time.

All of our professional dancer instructors are highly skilled, experienced dancers, as well as lovely, friendly people! We love working with our team of instructors during the classes, prácticas, and other activities throughout the program and we thank them for the wonderful experience that BA. Tango Evolution training has become.

BA. Tango Evolution Práctica Argentine Tango in  Buenos Aires

BA. Tango Evolution Práctica


We have found this training to be beneficial to dancers of all levels. We have successfully hosted participants with less than one year of experience and over 10 years experience in the same group! It works because our groups are always small, all classes and prácticas are taken with professional dancers at a one-to-one ratio, and Sebastian takes care to tailor the classes and content to fit all of the participants needs.


A large part of the Buenos Aires experience are of course the milongas. We attend a variety of milongas to experience the full range of atmosphere and style that Buenos Aires has to offer, prioritizing milongas with special performances and live tango orchestras! We offer guidance and advice for milongas and/or group classes to attend on the nights that there is no group milonga scheduled. More information on milongas here.

BA. Tango Evolution at a milonga in Buenos Aires Argentina

At a Milonga

Musicality Workshop

We invite local professional musicians to give the musicality workshops during our program. Learning tango musicality from the musicians who make the music has been one of the highlights. We have also enjoyed private in-house live concerts!


Carole shares about her experience at BA. Tango Evolution

To hear more about what our participants have to say about BA. Tango Evolution, view our Testimonials.

What to Expect: 

A unique tango immersion that helps you improve greatly as a dancer in a short amount of time and deepen your understanding and feeling of all aspects of tango - technical, musical, social, and emotional.

A well-organized, smooth experience that makes being in Buenos Aires easy, whether it's your first time or a return visit.

All tango classes led in English. We are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and also speak some French, Italian and German.

For a list of all included classes and activities, please see What's Included?

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