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BA. Tango Evolution Argentine Tango Training

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2024 Programs

Tango Essence: March 10-20, 2024

Musicality & Connection: March 21-31, 2024  


We are so glad you are interested in signing up!!! Please read ALL the information on this page including the Policies below before you register. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


In order to reserve your spot, please complete these two easy steps:

1. Fill out registration form

Please fill out this registration form. You will be asked to choose your accommodation preference (see available options & pricing) and to confirm that you have read and agree to the policies below. 

2. Pay $600 US registration deposit

Please see payment options and deposit refund policy below.

Deposit Payment Options:

  1. Venmo to @Mira-Barakat

  2. NZ Bank Transfer to Sebastian's NZ bank account (please email us for the bank details and alert us if you have made a transfer)

  3. Paypal to or to (please use 'Personal' or 'Friends & Family' option if possible to avoid fees - thank you!)

  4. If you wish to send a personal check or bank transfer to Mira's US account, or if you are unable to use any of these options, then please email us.

Once we have received your registration form and your registration deposit, we will email you to confirm your spot, accommodation, and your balance details.

We can't wait to be with you in Buenos Aires in March!!!


Covid Protocols
While we acknowledge that the pandemic still poses significant risk to many individuals, we also believe that dance, touch and contact are very important. If you are uncomfortable with the risk of Covid exposure or infection which international travel and a dance program entails, then please hold off joining us until you are comfortable with the situation.

We will follow Argentina's health protocols (and update if needed): 

  • The borders of Argentina are open all to travelers with no quarantine requirement

  • There are high vaccination levels in Argentina and Buenos Aires

  • Vaccination and appropriate booster recommended

  • Masks optional 

  • Our aim will be for the program to continue even if someone in the group or team of dancers was exposed or tested positive. We do not plan to require self-isolation.

  • By registering, you agree to assume all health risks.

Current Requirements to Enter Argentina​ 

Argentina now only requires a valid passport for entry (with visa if required by your country)​​

Payment Policy

50% program balance due January 10, 2024.

Remaining 50% due in USD in cash upon arrival in Buenos Aires.  

Covid Refund Policy

We will offer you a full refund of your deposit and advance payments if and only if you are unable to attend BA. Tango Evolution by force majeure because the borders of your country or region close due to the pandemic and prevent you from traveling. Please take extra care of yourself prior to the program. Contacting Covid before the program and therefore not being able to travel will not qualify for a refund. 

We will not be able to offer refunds once you have arrived in Argentina and the program has begun, including if you chose to self-isolate due to Covid concerns or because you have tested positive or developed symptoms.

Standard Deposit Refund Policy

For cancellations for any reason that do not qualify for our Covid Refund Policy (above), our standard deposit refund policy applies. 


Some flights have changed since the pandemic. Please verify that you will be able to find and purchase appropriate flights for your travel needs.  

Thank you for understanding! Registration deposits and these policies make it possible for us to run these programs. 

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